Also know as Environmental Test Chambers or Stability Chambers. Double Walled STD/GMP Model.The chamber is insulated by filling CFC free Polyurethane foam in the space of between outer body and inner chamber to prevent temperature loss. Full length inner glass door for clear inner view. Outer metal door with magnetic gaskets & lock. Stainless steel rod at adjustable at any distance. Forced air circulation for uniform temperature throughout the chamber. Digital Dual Display Temperature Controller cum Indicator. Temperature  Range :10°C to 60°C ± 1°C; Humidity  Range from atmospheric humidity to 90% Rh Controlled by Digital display controller ±  3% R h . (Controller for soft touch keys) Steam Injected type humidity.Power Supply 230VAC 50 Hz.

Cooling system by means of hermetically sealed Compressor CFC free unit coupled with evaporation Coil and Condenser. Temp. Range 10°C to 60°C  ± 1°C; Humidity Range 40% Rh to 90% R h ± 3% R h . Power supply 230VAC 50 Hz.

                     Model              Capacity      Inner  Chamber

    No. of

     H x D x W (cms)


SFE020202-014A        3 cft  (90L)            50 x 43 x 43


SFE020202-014B        6 cft  (180L)            70 x 51 x 51


SFE020202-014C      10 cft  ( 300L)          100 x 55 x 55


SFE020202-014D      12 cft  (360L)          100 x 60 x 60


SFE020202-014E      16 cft  (480L)          114 x 65 x 65