drum heater – also called band heaterbarrel heater, container heater or canister heater– is used to reduce viscosity of liquids and gels by heating in order to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquid or to prevent liquids from freezing inside the drum.


The base heater for drums in the vertical position and is suitable for sue with type SD02HI/M/ (02 & 03) drum heaters. The heating power is 1 kW. At 240C AC single phase.


SUN FOODS EQUIPMENTS heaters provide an easy, efficient, clean & economical way for the handling of viscous of low melting point soliditied materials in drums. Such materials include Asphalt, Bitumen, Fats, Gelatin, Glucose, Grease, Lubricating oils, Paints, Petroleum Jelly, Phenols, Plastics, Sodium Tar, Vanaspati, Oil, Varnishes & Waxes etc.

SFE drum heaters are mobile ovens heated by “Tempanel” flexible surface electric heating elements operating at black heat. They are mode in rugged designs and stand normal usage in chemical industry. They can be used for heating the contents of drums kept in the vertical or horizontal positions. The contents will be heated at a rate depending on the size of the drum and its contents. The contents may either be melted completely and removed as liquid or they may be melted only at the surface touching the drum walls and removed as a slid block by lifting the drum.

The heating in SFE Drum heaters in gentle and uniform and there is no chance of local overheating. Automatic temperature control is provided as standard equipment, except in the base and top heaters in which it is not required.

We can also make special HEATING JACKETS for most of your heating applications in your laboratory, pilot plant or process line e.g. jackets for heating laboratory glassware, reaction vessels, kettles, special size drums, metal pipelines etc.


For SFE020201-013A– This is a base heater for drums in the vertical position and is suitable for use with type SFE020201-013(B&C) Drum heaters. The heating power is 1 KW at 240V AC Single Phase. Base: Inner Dia. 2 ft.


SFE020201-013(B&C) is a vertical drum heater in two sections hinged to each other, forming a cylindrical heater when closed. It is fitted with castor wheels. The standard model can take a standard model can take a standard size drum of 45 gallons capacity.


For SFE020201-013B 230V Single Phase AC

For SFE020201-013C440V Three Phase AC