LABORATORY OVEN – Melting Point Apparatus


1) Fine temperature control.
2) Specially designed heater for uniform heating.
3) Heats to 200°C in 4.5 minutes to 300°C in 9 minutes.
4) Magnifying lens for capillaries.
5) Provision for three melting point tubes.
6) Shadow less illumination.
7) Choice of background
8) Self-contained, no external controls.
Heater Block – : An aluminum block accepts three capillary tubes and a mercury thermometer.
The block is heated by Heating Elements clamped to the sides.
Illumination & Viewing -: Built in lamp provides uniform and shadow less illumination of Sample tubes which are viewed through a focusable lens against Either a dark or bright background selected by rotating a knob ofThe rear of the apparatus.
• Controls -: Both the heaters are regulated by a built Rheostat which gives an accurate adjustment
Of heat of increase of temperature as the melting point is approached an auxiliary Heater is provided for quick heating. This is activated when the low / high switchis the high position. The ON / OFF switch controls the lamp and the power inputto the apparatus.
Case -: A sturdy metal casing enclosed the beating block and controls. A thermometer
Support is supplied but on thermometer.
Optional Accessory -: Cooling plug for heating block. This is a water cooled metal plug for
Inserting in the thermometer pocket for rapid cooling of the heating block.
Reduces the cooling time considerably.
Temperature – : Maximum temperature 350°C