LABORATORY OVEN – Heating Mental


  • Maximum Surface Temperature 4500C
  • Two and Three Zenol distributed heating. 
  • Body made out of thick Aluminum sheet.
  • Thick hand knotted fiberglass heating.
  • Built-in remote controls for fume hood operations & safety shield applications.
  • Easy replacement of spares.


Made out of thick, non-rusting aluminum sheet & body painted outside by stoving black enamel paint.


High quality glass wool / mineral wool.


Nickel / Chromium / Kanthal. They are covered in woven glass braiding and are designed to give gentle and uniform heating. Bigger size mantles have two or more heating element circuits so that upper circuit can be switched off while using small flask, or when liquid level drops.


Highly tested energy regulators (built-in) are provided. Remote controls are also supplied on request to facilitate fume hood operations, safety shield applications etc.