LABORATORY OVEN – Soxhlet Extraction Heaters


Are used in laboratories for Solvent Extraction under reflux. Typical applications are determination of residual oil cake, assay of crude herbal drug sources etc. The apparatus is suitable to heat Soxhlet flasks of 100-350 ml capacity.


The heating element is attached to knitted fabric to provide flexible support to the bottom of the flask. Glass wool insulation fills the gap between the metal casing and the heater.

In event of spillage, the solvent will either evaporate or escape through the draining hole below each element. The housing has two retort rods and a cross bar on which the extraction apparatus is fixed. The apparatus has built in energy regulator which controls all the heaters. The heating elements have individual ON/OFF switch and pilot lamp to indicate working. The apparatus requires 240V AC, Single Phase supply.