As an SFE manufacturer of Aluminum Melting Furnace, we have marked our name very strongly in the market. These have a melting chamber that is equipped with recuperate burners. A mechanical or hydraulic arrangement can be used for tilting the melting chamber in order to discharge the molten metal. The main advantages of this furnace are these are pollution free furnace also does not require much space for installation it works automatically. 

Applications of Melting Furnace -: 1) Non Ferrous metals 2) Aluminum 3) Copper. Etc.

FUEL -: Electric & Gas.

Melting Furnace Material Loading Capacity – : 50 kg to 1000kgs

Melting Furnace Type -: Stationary & Hydraulic Tilting.

Max Temperature -: 500˚c to 1000˚c


  • Uniform temperature
  • Automatic controls
  • Highly efficient in melting aluminum for die casting, pressure die casting sand casting


  • Due to internal heating, 20 to 30% assured less production cost
  • Uniform temperature is maintained
  • It also increases your pot life because in oil-fired other furnaces the pressure of heat use to be on one side as a result after some time the pot gets leak from that particular point but in our furnace, due to uniform temperature, it increase the life of pot
  • Fully temp. automatic controlled as required
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance cost
  • Totally pollution free furnace
  • Saves your labor also your spacious in comparison
  • These furnaces provide results as per international standard