LABORATORY OVEN- Lab. Drying Oven – 400◦C (High Temperature)

  •  Construction -: Double walled construction.
  •  Insulation -: 4 Inch High grade glass wool insulation.
  •  Door -: Single door fitted on heavy cast & chromium plated brass hinges with spring and roller type latch.
  •  Air Draft -: Forced air draft is provided by means of Blower fitted at the bottom of the Oven (There is no re- circulation of air).
  •  Blower Motor -: 1/12 HP, TEFC, F-class insulation, Single Phase, 1440 RPM, 230 Volts.
  •  Heating System -: Heating elements made from the best Quality Kanthal DSD wire are used on refractorysupports.
  •  Supply -: 230 V AC, Single Phase , 50 Hz
  •  Temperature Range -: 50° C to 400°C
  •  Temperature Accuracy -: ± 2° C.
  •  Trays -: Adjustable Stainless steel Rod trays / G.I. wire mesh trays.
  •  Standard Model -: Inside S.S.304 mirror finish & Outer Mild steel (CRCA) sheet with powder coated.
    OR Inside Mild steel (CRCA) with heat resistant aluminium paint & Outer Mild steel
    (CRCA) sheet with powder coated.
  •  Control system -: Imported Microprocessor based auto tuned PID controller with CE mark & dual display of Set value& process value for precise control of temperature.



  1. Place the chamber where ventilation is good.
  2. The chamber must be operated in an ambient of 22◦ C ~ 30◦ C.
  3. Leave minimum 50 mm. Space from the sides and leave 300 mm. Space from the backside.
  4. Place the chamber horizontally levelled.
  5. Give stabilized electric supply (230V ±5%, 50Hz, 1 Phase, 32 Amp). It is recommended to use a voltage stabilizer (KVA).
  6. Proper grounding of the chamber to get satisfactory operation of chamber.
  7. Do not test any product in the chamber, which is capable of generating combos.